Darren Allen
Triamazikamno - Part 1

Triamazikamno - Part 1
Triamazikamno - Part 1Triamazikamno - Part 1Triamazikamno - Part 1Triamazikamno - Part 1






1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM



Release date

Mar 22, 2017

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Initiation (Break It's Broke It Remix)







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When hearing this material today and realizing it was originally released in '96, one can't fail to acknowledge the timelessness of these sounds – clearly illustrating how ahead of their time these productions were. Ranging from 130 to 145 BPM this EP presents a solid study in synthetic rhythm and percussion layers masterfully juxtaposed with unidentifiable electronic noises and nuances. A trademark sound signature of their own. Unmistakeable Spiral Tribe from a special era in party culture brought back when we need it the most – forward the revolution.
"Colours is the new imprint of Dutch producer and DJ Taupe. Having released on labels such as Indigo Aera's much celebrated AE-X and the newly formed Impress Berlin, the time feels right for Taupe to start his own outlet. Premiering with 4 cuts of his own, Taupe sets the tone with 4 club-ready tracks, which vary from subtle & mystic groovers to primetime screamers. Paying homage to Detroit would be an understatement, but Taupe's colourful representation is much more than a shade; it's an elegant palette of its own."
The Chromophore volume 2 is finally here. Slowly cooked during the past years and well rounded, following the formula of the first one: family members plus a couple of legends. Slow Life reprazent!
Fides welcomes the duo ‘Footclan’ to the family with an absolute banger. Ghetto-Electro for finest collectors, a powerful blend of punchy dancefloor machine funk.
DJ Dem’s new 12”, called I Videre, translates into I See in English. Continuing the sonic explorations of timbre and rhythm, the three tracks that comprise the new EP are an envisioning mix of the artificial and the natural acoustic environment. Streets, ambulances, laughter, air; hints of Berlin techno intertwined with the cymbals of an acoustic drums set and Berlin itself; synthetic and human voices creating mazy soundscapes. A blend of house tempos, techno’s futuristic take on sound synthesis, ambientesque stillness/movement and musique concrète’s intertemporal idea of montage music. Rather than going for the usual tropes of dance music’s canon, the music on the EP folds and unfolds on an axis of her own, giving DJs a multi-purpose sonic twister.

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