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DJ Spider Phil Moffa
Dj Spider - Enter The Void Ep

Dj Spider - Enter The Void Ep




1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Aug 17, 2022

Spinning Plates welcomes New Yorker DJ Spider onto its roster to kick off 2022 with his ‘Enter The Void’ EP, backed by a remix from Phil Moffa aka The Butcha.

DJ Spider:

“This record is dedicated to my good friend Mike Huckaby. He planned on remixing "Incineration of Years and Truth" back when I originally made it in 2011, but we never got around to actually making that happen. I'm also honored to have my other close friend Phil Moffa on remix duties. There were many sessions in Phil's studio (Butcha Sound Studio, NYC) where we used to jam with Mike whenever he would come to New York to DJ or hang out. We used to play with synthesizers for hours. We were all good friends and it was perfect to have Phil on this record as
well! Mike taught and inspired us to have fun with making music and push ourselves to be the best that we can be. We will love him forever.”

Rob Hampton, better known to most as DJ Spider, has been releasing his twisted take on Techno and experimental
electronica for over a decade on the likes of The Trilogy Tapes, REKIDS, Vanguard Sound! and Berceuse Heroique as well as his and Dakini’s own Plan B Recordings and its sub labels BTU and Sublevel Sounds. Here he joins the roster of Spinning Plates, the London-based label that’s established itself as a go to purveyor for leftfield leaning Techno, Electro and more.

Title-cut ‘Hyperspace Wardance’ leads and employs DJ Spider’s typically dynamic, brooding and robust style via clattering percussion, eerie pads, murky bass stabs and tension building atmospherics. Phil Moffa’s take on ‘Hyperspace Wardance’ follows, adding a lighter touch to things, bringing the pads to the forefront alongside a shuffled drum groove, snaking bass line and resonant synth licks.

Opening the flip-side is ‘Space Aggressor Squadron’, a six minute workout fuelled by squelchy acid lines, swelling pads and crunchy, distorted rhythms before ‘Incineration Of Years And Truth’ completes the EP, edging things into a dubby territory courtesy of smooth chord sequences, spiralling echoes and bumpy, reduced drums.

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Hyperspace Wardance


Hyperspace Wardance (Phil Moffa Remix)


Space Aggressor Squadron


Incineration Of Years And Truth

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