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Sports Various Artists 02

SPORTS Records (SVA02)

1x Vinyl 12"

Date: 1 janv. 2020, US

Incoming…! 2020 saw Sports Records on the verge of relegation until we made some major mid-season transfers. New styles, personalities and genres come together on SVA02 to complete an all-star squad. Up first on the A1 track, ‘Sensei Slicer’ aka Ruben Lombroso (1/2 of Shampoo Douglas) scores an absolute screamer with ‘Curling Sweepers Club’. The A2 features the return of Goiz under a new alias ‘Doctor Hotdog’, who just re-signed with the club following his success on the first release with his track ‘Ode to Korrupt FM’. The A3 is covered by one of the club’s founding partners Clyde Corley aka Mr. Liquid. ‘Violence Is Not Legal’, the final track on the A-side, seeks to promote peaceful co-existence among the release and its supporters. The B-side hat trick is headed by our dual threat up top, Alec Falconer and Harry Wills aka Snoozin’ B. Their B1 heavy hitter ‘Hot Take’ is a crowd favorite as it kickstarts a winning second half. The B2 track by Masterplan is the match equalizer. The UKG legend splits the visitors’ defence and rams one home for what is sure to be a future fan favorite. The B3 track is the second Mr. Liquid strike of the night, and is the match winning goal nonetheless.

400 copies, vinyl only

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Sensei Slicer - Curling Sweepers Club


Doctor Hotdog - Ode To Kurrupt FM


Mr. Liquid - Violence Is Not Legal


Snoozin' B - Hot Take


Masterplan - The Return


Mr. Liquid - Liquidity