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1x Vinyl 12"



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Oct 30, 2022


Christian AB is back on Francesco Del Garda's Timeless imprint with four dynamic techno cuts, punchy and hypnotic.

Christian AB is back on Francesco Del Garda's Timeless imprint with four dynamic techno cuts, punchy and hypnotic.

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Teenage Nostalgia


Waiting 4 Nobody


Tek Fonk


Was Ist ?

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Far over on the west coast of the USA we find a room full of drum machines, samplers and keyboards. Hard at work is Israel ‘Iz’ Gravning aka Tone Scientist, who’s been using this Seattle studio to produce genre-defying future music for more than 25 years.An avid student of jazz fusion, hip hop, house, techno and others, he was galvanised to build his own studio after hearing jungle and drum & bass on a trip to London in 1995. His musical course thus intersected with the collectives then pushing new dancefloor sonics rooted in the rich tradition of Black music – like Nuyorican Soul over on the east coast, and the new broken beats of IG Culture, Dego and Bugz In The Attic in London. Then, in the early 2000s, Iz put out a handful of EPs under different aliases, including ‘Lion Dub’ on the Guidance sublabel Subtitled, but soon stepped back from the public stage. That’s not to say he stopped making or playing music, though. Far from it.Fast forward two decades and our very own Walrus, chilly but happy in the depths of a Toronto winter, happened across ‘Lion Dub’ in the legendary Play The Record store. Intrigued, he tracked Iz down and discovered he had been active all this time. A short email exchange later and this 2xLP of archive material was born.These six tracks explain fully why Iz calls his studio the ‘Time Machine’: vintage equipment and instruments converse with up-to-date software; classic sounds and textures twist into fresh configurations; and Iz’s own creativity and musicality sings to us from a location beyond the trappings of time or genre.All music written, produced and mixed by Israel Gravning aka Tone Scientist in Seattle/Washington between 2005 - 2008 except for “Things Get Done”, written and produced in 2003, and “Bossman”, originally produced by Kris Moon and remixed by Tone Scientist. Zion12 was the name used by Israel for releasing Jungle/DnB and when DJing professionally around Seattle and elsewhere. Mastered & cut by Stefan Betke at Scape Berlin. Brought to you by Crevette Distribution Brussels/Belgium. All artwork by Camiflage. Printed by Bichel at Chromodrome Brussels/Belgium. Liner notes by Joe Delon. Israel would like to thank Mom, Dad, my brothers Gabriel & Jagger and their families, Cord, Andy, Kiva, the Ninjas at DSF, the Grid crew & the Great Spirit. Basic Moves would like to thank Jakob, Pim, Camiel, Boudewijn, Deg, Ailsa, Mike, Jordan, Kimcom & Joe. Keep buying records/don’t stream your life away. Underground club culture: one love/one circle.
After a few months of patiently waiting, we are happy to finally welcome Rudolf C to the Pleasure Club family with his Globular EP.Three originals of Rudolf's ultra-slick and otherworldly club bombs are joined by a big remix courtesy of our very own N-Gynn. Road tested all summer and ready for action.Mastered by Analog Cut and distributed by Energy Flash Distribution (EFD).
On the A side we have a real definition of a Banger….Marcellus Pittman’s rework of the Belgian 1983 cult track ‘Death Disco’ by Arbeid Adelt! Not much to say about this one, it's simply a nasty piece of industrial acid disco!On the flipside Chicago’s genius, Hieroglyphic Being, brings the listener to an astral ceremony with ‘An Astronomical Object’. Another crucial moment in his breathtaking discography.Yellow Jackets..Loud & Proud!Time for another chapter in the ever expanding Yellow Jackets series from Mother Tongue!
Electro Break and Downtempo 2xLP by Daniel Anselmi. 10th label’s release.From the label SEQUALOG run by TC80.
Over the course of the year, the label has assembled four different compositions reflecting each artist's devotion and fascination for synthesizers and drum machines. Melancholic arpeggiators, funk-driven techno grooves, and sharp-filtered vocoded sequences written by Edward Norton. Joyful minor-key bass lines carved into electro-wave atmospheres over Roland Tr-606, 808
ITRIA VOL.3 is a slow techno-inspired cosmic journey that condenses in a single orbit a great cast of artists coming from different galaxies. It marks an evolution in sound and mood, taking us to a deeper and more visceral dimension.The first track by Interstellar Funk is a 100% pure electronic mind-trip, a machined groove where thoughts still roam frenetically paves the way for a more intimate experience.Tamburi Neri’s downtempo track shapes a space-time portal in which to sink; their sound is like a beat echoing from the bottom of the chest and spreading to the tips of the fingers softly.For the first time, Salamanda co-works with Polifonic framing a Korean unknown soundscape, an ambient loop track through which we break away from this dimension and move towards the exotic.Hiver restore a connection with reality through their pulsating bass. The heartbeat speeds up, but we still float into a dreamy techno atmosphere.Claudio PRC & ZIPPO come into play with a powerful combination of techno textures that gets us to resurface and awaken the senses.