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Zeno Pisu

Gems From The Past

Nugs on Board (NUGS005)

1x Vinyl 12"

Date: 16 oct. 2023, Portugal

For this release we decided to go back to the golden era of house, where we found an old misterious producer called Zeno Pisu.
You might know him from his obscure EP called “Electric Voyage” made in 1995, but we decided to dig a bit deeper then that.

The track A1 “Waiting For A Train (Crystal Edge) is a reissue from the Train Driver record made by Zeno in 1996, a super weapon that we have been playing for some time now, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see this remastered specially for our label.

We also went through old cassete tapes and some lost files to find the tracks A2, B1 and B2, which are some of Zeno’s unreleased productions made in the 90s, that are now finally seeing the light.

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Waiting For A Train (Crystal Edge)


Five, Six




Inner Second