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Aταραξία / Καταστροφή

Aταραξία / Καταστροφή
Aταραξία / ΚαταστροφήAταραξία / Καταστροφή


Lexi 026


1x Vinyl 7" Single



Release date

Jun 12, 2021

In the early 2000s, Buffle represented in Brussels the fluid and smiling face of free improv, with a psychedelic vibe. Benjamin Franklin (Lexi001, 2008), Xavier Garcia Bardon (solo in Saule, on SubRosa, 2002) and Emmanuel Gonay never lost their playful and genuine minds in the many projects they later developed (Geographique, Humus) and Lexi Disques has long been looking forward to this collaboration. This time, Xavier Garcia Bardon and Emmanuel Gonay take what it seems to be the opposite of their previous ways : thinking ahead, composing sounds by sounds in a studio, assembling them in a calculated chaos. The result is surprisingly in line with their different incarnations as well as a pure lab record. Expect delicate and meditative, time expanding composition on Aταραξία (Ataraxia), adventurous, almost epic sound exploration on Kαταστροφήαταστροφή (Catastrophè).). Aταραξία is a timeless moment of stillness in your day, 2 minutes of peace in this hectic reality. Western civilization inherited from the ancient Greeks, gods were already indifferent to humans and epicurism is more alive than ever. Aταραξία means the capacity to accept things how they are, to enjoy the now without any trouble of mind. Kαταστροφήαταστροφή is another perspective on the present times and we can all feel it now, can’t we ? But the disaster will not necessarily be depressing, it can as well be joyfully embraced if it happens anyway. This record might be for this reason the perfect cure for these days.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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