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Odysseys EP

Odysseys EP
Odysseys EPOdysseys EP






1x Vinyl 10" White Label



Release date

Nov 5, 2021



Hot Dubstep tip!

The EOWLTD 10" series kicks off with the Odysseys EP by @holloway-95. Launched as a project to showcase the label's more genre centred tastes, the south London based DJ & Producer pulls no punches when it comes to the imprints first offering.

Following recent releases on Bluff Records, Time Is Now and INSTINCT, Holloway debuts his first 140 project. Sounding fresh out the mid-naughties, expect club rattling subs in the form of stripped-back Dubstep pressure. The EP showcases an elating, garage-influenced, FWD-thinking sound somehow nostalgic and yet also completely new.

The record opens with ‘Chat Bad’. With Holloway's characteristic low-end mechanics providing a base layer for the syncopated percussive workout that sits on top. The dark stabs and other melodic elements are guaranteed to turn heads in the dance.

On the flip side. ‘Levitate’ kicks off with a hypnotic, heads-down mood with deep subs and dubbed-out vocals. At the switch-up Holloway’s idiosyncratic basslines are introduced for those gun-finger, energetic moments in the club.

A5 Riso printed (on premium) insert included with each record.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Chat Bad



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