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Caramel Chameleon
Sugary Hills

Sugary Hills
Sugary HillsSugary Hills




1x Vinyl 10" 45 RPM



Release date

Jan 1, 2021

Sublabel of Undersound Recordings devoted to electronic music on 10" format.

Sublabel of Undersound Recordings devoted to electronic music on 10" format.

The tracks are inspired by the artist's childhood memories of walks on green hills many years ago. While they are produced with different approaches, both from the digital and hardware world, they paint a personal picture of the artist's personality.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Sugary 2096 (Acid Mix)



Apulian Feelings


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Rolling through with number 16 in our AGAIN series and we're very happy to welcome DJ D Lux to the label. We've been a big fan of his music for years so found it hard to select four tracks from his flawless back catalogue. We landed on a selection originally released between '97 - '98 spanning a number of moods
In a secret laboratory in an unknown location, two lifeforms not of this world were at work.Based on previous experiments, it was understood that when the two life forms were left alone together, they could create various elements from nothing, somehow communicating with each other what was needed through a sophisticated type of Internal Transmission.As scientists watched and took notes, the lifeforms sat on the floor across from each other. They did not talk. They did not move. They simply sat, doing the impossible. The atmosphere began to transform and one lifeform produced Gold, Arsenic, Carbon, and Radium. Almost simultaneously, the other conjured up Oxygen, Mercury, Nitrogen, and Neon.The elements swirled in the air until they finally combined. The result was astonishing. It was the exact same compound the lifeforms had been discovered with when they crash landed on Earth some 22 months before. A compound never seen before.
Griots is Gerald Cleaver's second electronic album, jointly released by 577 Records sub label Positive Elevation and Meakusma. It sees Cleaver further exploring the depths of electronic music offered by his hometown Detroit, combining those influences with his personal musical background. A jazz drummer. originally from Detroit, Cleaver has for years been one of the leading drummers and composers in New York's jazz scene. Griots is all about spontaneity, dealing with a wide range of influences and ideas, blending them in an at times gentle, at times ferocious flurry of rowdy synthesis, FM tones and muted drum machines. The album is a challenging listen that offers comfort as well as contorted acceptance. It defines the nature of inspiration as circular. Griots also features Cuban jazz pianist and composer David Virelles and American composer and trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire. Highly original and striking a unique and informed tone, Griots loops psychedelic sounds and rhythmic ideas, adding a version-like feel to it's IDM and club music influences. Its templates are open-ended and shed light on what is going on around us. Available on vinyl and digital, with the vinyl version containing seven tracks + four digital- only tracks that are downloadable upon purchasing a copy. Mastered by Jeremy Loucas at Sear sound / Distribution by Crevette / Gerald Cleaver: Electronics / Virelles features David Virelles / Recorded in 2020 in Brooklyn, New York / Mixed and mastered by Jeremy Loucas at Sear Sound, New York City / Buena Vista mixed by Chris Castagno / Inner Sleeve portrait by Attila Kleb / Design in London, January 2021, by Philip Marshall.

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