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Traditions 20

Traditions 20






2x Vinyl 12"


Release date

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Fritted Head-Worn


Double Double


Petal And Plants


Low Cost Muscles


Let´s Get Acuainted


Pä Fest i Örebro




Fuzz Bingo


Panic Wait


Who Broke Up

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DJ Dem’s new 12”, called I Videre, translates into I See in English. Continuing the sonic explorations of timbre and rhythm, the three tracks that comprise the new EP are an envisioning mix of the artificial and the natural acoustic environment. Streets, ambulances, laughter, air; hints of Berlin techno intertwined with the cymbals of an acoustic drums set and Berlin itself; synthetic and human voices creating mazy soundscapes. A blend of house tempos, techno’s futuristic take on sound synthesis, ambientesque stillness/movement and musique concrète’s intertemporal idea of montage music. Rather than going for the usual tropes of dance music’s canon, the music on the EP folds and unfolds on an axis of her own, giving DJs a multi-purpose sonic twister.
Moto Music goes always it's own way. There is no time, no limits, no compromise, it's just pure and honest. This time with the crazy guy and his dog, T.C.White, also known as Robert Crash! 250 copies initial press!
The fifth release on DJ Nobu's Bitta label. A debut single by a new Japanese producer Daisuke Uchimura with two mesmerizing remixes by Marco Shuttle. Mindbending deep and hypnotic techno trips.
This is the time of YAY's first LP and in the same is also CANVAX's first release ever on Vinyl.CANVAX's LP called Cosmophilia takes you on a journey from the atmospheric and emotional, to the raw and dark and back again. Exploring concepts such as curiosity, space and discovery, taking off into a universe with a distinct blend of techno, electro and ambient sounds.All tracks and artwork are made by CANVAX.!!! Providing good vibes !!!
Francesca returns to Pleasure Club with yet more excursions into the ethereal with the Homology EP, touching on dub techno, ambient soundscapes and electro futurism. As the name suggests this record explores the concept of similarity of a structure, or function of parts of different origins, based on their descent from a common evolutionary ancestor. Following on from her ‘The Inside Out’ LP of 2020, this time Francesca explores the outer realms of electronica whilst always coming back to the core essence of her vision. This EP also serves as an announcement of her forthcoming album and label, Goodnight Cowboy. A collaborative project between herself and Remi Mazet which will look to explore slower tempos and unchartered textural planes.

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