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This can't be ep

This can't be ep




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jan 1, 2021



UK-producer Retrospect makes a leap from the Punchline series and lands a one-punch knockout with this one-off record.

UK-producer Retrospect makes a leap from the Punchline series and lands a one-punch knockout with this one-off record.

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Sleeve: M


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Do it


Don't stop


This can't be



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It might sound far fetched but here goes: Circadian Rhythms aka Dj Deg brought techno to Belgium before anyone was ready for it. The 1990s collective “Bad Woofers Posse” formed with lifelong friend Mike DMA and their “PK” warehouse parties served as fertile ground for the young producer.Steeped in this new atmosphere, Deg locked himself up in his bedroom studio at his parents’ place and started developing his interpretation of the freshly imported techno/house sound. In the Belgian way. Combining emotional synth play with neck-breaking drum patterns, sequenced like dreams forever chasing the climax.BM11 collects six unreleased takes from this almost forgotten period (1989 – 1994).
First friendship, then unconditional love for the music and dancefloor. These are the secrets between the new label OCV, collaborative project between London’s OPIA Records and Cuneo’s Club Vision. From the first party together, to the endless travelling together. We knew there was only one way to go. Welcome to OCV.
“Rosenbach Acoustic Piano (70’s)” is the first collaborative composition ever released on the label One Instrument. Two different individuals but the very same acoustic sound source.Released as a single, the track is a standalone experiment released the 25th of December 2019 on a limited edition colored tape cassette.Composed and produced by Aimée Portioli and Pier Giuseppe MaricondaMastered by Aimée Portioli, BerlinOriginal artwork and layout by Marco Ciceri
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