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Batur EP

Batur EP
Batur EPBatur EP






Day By Day 007


1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Jan 1, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Going Up


Ty Ye Electro





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Night Defined Recordings is proud to welcome Roger 23 for his first solo album in seven years since the widely acclaimed „Thao-N-Y“ on Mensch in 2015. The enigmatic producer, DJ and record digger has released his music via renowned quality labels such as Playhouse, Bio Rhythm, Meakusma and Ilian Tape among others. After appearing on our rapidly sold out first NDVAX compilation, he’s now back at NDR with an album, which showcases the versatile musical interest of the cheerful Saarländer. Self-imposed highest demands on sound quality, complete openness to give place to various musical influences and the experience of many years of a music inhaling individual make ‚Bounds Of A Moral Principle And Established Standard Behavior‘ an album complete in itself
DSP returns with a deep & contemplative split EP from Dublin’s Cignol & Bristol’s Gilbert. ‘Vision System’ boasts 4 machine-made, melodic electro tracks to tug on your heart strings.The record opens with ‘Events Unknowable’ an eerie example of Cignol’s distinct sound. Full of broken rhythms, swinging percussion, ice cold arpeggios, LFO warped pads and an acid line to remember.Electro doesn’t get much deeper than ‘Multicellular’. A beautifully sorrowful sonic statement coated in icey synth elements and nostalgia. Sophisticated simplicity at its finest.Gilbert takes us in a slightly more utopic direction on the flip side. Starting with the musical insight of ‘Harmony In Space’. A Dream laced vision for the future full of smooth synthesis, crisp basslines and pumping percussion.The release comes to a heartfelt conclusion with ‘Eleni’. Full of playful acid lines and expressive sonic elements. A loved up, euphoric masterpiece named after and dedicated to Gilbert’s daughter.
Solo Ep by label co-founder Onirik
Born in 1989, Daniele Tomassini is the DJ, music producer and sound composer behind the Feel Fly project. Originally from Perugia, where he still lives and works, Daniele, self-taught, began his musical career as a composer of soundtracks for theatre and film productions, from which came his first international awards, the starting point for his subsequent compositional work, including the latest, signed under the name Feel Fly, for the film I Santi (2021) by director Giacomo Abruzzese, awarded at the prestigious CineMed festival in Montpellier.Co-founder of the Afro Templum party, in 2015 he made his debut with the track called Ls, within the compilation “United Republic of Music” on the italian label Roots Underground, while the following year he released his first EP Same Old Place Vol.1 (2016) on his own label Too Romantic.In addition to compositions for cinema and theatre, the club-oriented musical productions of these years will be essential to the definition of Feel Fly’s sound, a sound that straddles worlds and eras that are only apparently opposed: Ambient, House and Disco, merged with more acid and Trancey sounds, finding favour with key figures of a certain European clubbing scene such as Prins Thomas, who released his first official album Syrius and then the EP Cosmo Cosmo, interspersed with an ep of remixes by Dj Sotofett and Prins Thomas himself, all published on Internasjonal, or Gerd Janson, who recently released his latest work Mediterranean Dreams Part.1 and Part.2 (2022) on International Feel Recordings (label founded by Mark Barrott).In the coming months, a new EP is scheduled for release on New Interplanetary Melodies, label of the legendary dj Simona Faraone, label for which, our Feel Fly had already appeared as Remixer within the last record of Leo Young, also on NIM (2019).