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As It Approaches

Wex (Telomere 020.2)

1x Vinyl 12" Limited Edition

Date: 25 juin 2023, US

As we continue the five part journey to say goodbye to the Telomere Plastic series, we as always, are excited to share with you Telomere 020.2.
This second VA, features producers, Anderson, Aspetuck, Bænglund and Watch Patrol.

We begin off the record with ‘Funk Inspector’ from Bænglund. The track name here sums it up pretty well. Full on quirky funk in the airwaves. A delicious cut to keep everyone on there toes!
Next on the A2 we have Aspetuck with his ‘As the Fog Rolls In’, Starting off with a bubbly soundscape the track progresses into a hypnotic acidic journey keeping the mood deep and melancholic. Handle this one with care!

On the B1 we have Anderson who delivers another deep and beautifully crafted soundscape. This is a timeless tune that takes you on a sonic journey from start to finish. This will work wonders on the dance floor and during your introspective moments laying in bed with your headphones bumping.

Lastly, we close out the release with the one and only Watch Patrol who we have all dearly missed. We hope you enjoy this slowed down IDM breakbeat gem!

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Bænglund - Funk Inspector


Aspetuck - As the Fog Rolls In


Anderson - Aquabound


Watch Patrol - Wandering In The Garden