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Anna Wall Corbi
Satellite EP

Satellite EP
Satellite EPSatellite EP




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP


Release date

May 11, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Mind Sweeper



Basement Damage


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I hold Your hand Like I want My hand To be held. When we are young we show our love by emulating those we love. Tributes, respect, adoration, getting lost in things. Trying to become a person we wish to be. Hold that process and don't be afraid to let it always hold you too. Swallow Me is the result of playing Kamala Sankaram’s astonishing performance in clubs, of splicing it into and out of things, of those ideas taking on a little life of their own and connecting her ideas to new spaces and audiences. I Love Like Your Men is a tribute to the undated diaries of Samuel R Delaney, slices of time that cut themselves holes into other times and other places. Moments of reflection that now tie into the heads and bodies of others. Thank you to Kamala for your work, it’s clearly so inspiring, and for being supportive of this, which is humbling. Swallow Me samples Kamala Sankaram’s performance at the final Resonant Bodies festival in New York in 2019. “In Ancient Greek, ololyga is the ritual shriek of women, a sound so alarming to men that it could not be uttered within their earshot. Kamala Sankaram’s work was written as a direct response to the 2016 election.” It was released on New Focus Recordings.
Phil Moon was already musically active in the past under the name of DJ Valium, releasing with the German label International Deejay Gigolo Records and he was one of the first Belgian artists to release music out of Detroit, with Teknotika Records. Originally recorded between 1991 and 1994, Alpha Wave TV contains a series of abstract arrangements blended into a provocative techno-percussive rhythm, traveling virtuoso toward industrial-wave scenarios the artist explores timbers from the far-out meanders. The Zenith was originally released in 1995 on UFO Records London, it is now represented as an adventurous analog techno-house hybrid journey. The B side summons classic and multi-processed experimental techno surrounded by ancient scenarios, and glimpses of lush Detroit 12Bit flavors. To conclude this journey Peace Of 6 which was apparently inspired by Aphex Twin was recorded 25 years ago yet rides on never-ending notes of eternal nostalgia within a melodic thoughtful spirit.
After a couple of solo EPs to start the label, FAC-3 is comprised of four different artists, each with their own unique sound. Although a mix of up-and-coming and established producers, old and new music, there’s a common thread running through the EP.First up, Justin Zerbst’s Waverider is an atmospheric nod to Detroit. Unearthed from a 90’s DAT, it’s built around some heavily modulated chords and 808 percussion which carry the track through to its string-laden climax.Italian mainstay Luca Piermattei’s Venice is distinct end-of-night fare. Haunting pads sit atop a deftly-programmed bass which provides most of the movement over a tight drum groove.While the A side has a undoubted warmth to it, the B dials things back and ups the intensity with two techier cuts. UK producer Skelter’s first release is a spacious acid groove, with the bassline taking centre stage amidst a nervy backdrop of percussive textures and reverb hits.Finally, Brisbane’s Loif rounds things off with the simmering Digiburra; a dense, electro-tinged breakbeat aimed squarely at the dancefloor.
The first in series of self-released Liquid Earth Physical releases, “The Electronic Brain” is a nose dive into Junkyard Synthesis. From EP Title opener and the three tracks to follow, you’ll find part '80s sleaze, part '90s deepness and part '00s wiggle wrapped into one package.
CYRK with some fierce ruling electro tracks that fit perfectly in a Helena Hauff dj set. The title track Attack of the Blow Up Dolls is a robotic electro cut, while the other three tunes are smooth and at times remind us of some of the classic I-f releases with bubbly analogue basslines, frantic synths and relentless electro beats. Another strong Cultivated Electronics release!!