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Jorge Gamarra
Break The Cycle EP

Break The Cycle EP
Break The Cycle EPBreak The Cycle EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jan 1, 2020



Incoming…POTG 03

The 3rd release from tINI’s Part Of The Gang Records is here.
This new three-tracker comes courtesy of Barcelona-based Uruguayan producer Jorge Gamarra.
Jorge’s takes influences from Detroit and Chicago, as well as the UK and of course, Montevideo’s electro scene.

Across three cuts we get a selection of future facing productions, composed with a vintage sonic aesthetic imbued with Gamarra’s heady mix of influences.

The track ‘ADE’ is opening the EP with a delightful adventure into the cosmos.
Groaning bass is combined with a menagerie of twinkling sounds, chirps and effects straight from another galaxy.

Next up is ‘MK Ultra’, named after the infamous CIA mind control experiments (“Involves several drugs and electrodes plugged into the brain”).
This one utilises layers of retro instrumentation to take hold of your subconscious and get that body moving uncontrollably...

Finally, ‘DTR’ is 10 minutes of Gamarra demonstrating his production prowess, bringing together groovy bass, sci-fi effects and a catchy earworm, whistling melody…

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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MK Ultra



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I would often wander into the forest after school. This wasn’t Sheffield, or Manchester, as much as I thought I wanted it to be. Sometimes the mushrooms we picked would make me sick, which added a vital sense of adventure to the days and weeks that could pass without much happening at all. Something to talk about, a story we made together. It was a dead city. Not great, not terrible. Nothing to break an illusion. We had no idea what we were doing, but a reality check was the last thing we were looking for. Wasted from the youth centre, we would go and listen to people spin records at Skandal. The melodies in The Cure songs lingered with me for days. I wanted to make my own music. I started to leave early and bang onmetal into a microphone. I saved up and bought a Casio FZ-1 sampler and drum machine. We poured ourselves into bands. We would stay in and practice, programming MIDI on an Atari ST-1024. Nobody would hear this music. My Korg MS-10 was stolen by an ex-band mate from our rehearsal basement. I would dive inside myself, burrowing a tunnel to a new world. Configuring an inner system. A fascination with Clock DVA became an obsession with techno. KLF. Future Sound of London. Themelancholy was still there, in traces, but it was moving somewhere, looking for company. Growing. Ecstatic. Ecstasy! I left the basement to share this with others. I moved to the big city and the music got faster. My process got faster. Collaborations. Plug-ins. That’ll do. Take it to the people! What used to be a personal practice became a public practice. A call and response. A communal effort. Abstract numbers heard this music. My technique sharpened. My studio served a function greater than my own; a system outside myself. Then I found the DAT tapes, and the VHS footage. They had traveled with me. Far from a nostalgic exercise, this was a reclamation of the original impulse. A reminder of the music I always wanted to make. Reorientingmyself with analog machines and obsolete formats, I stole hours to bring this work into the world. I hope that it speaks to you.
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