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Fio Fa
Two Of Me Ep

Two Of Me Ep
Two Of Me EpTwo Of Me Ep


Fio Fa




1x Vinyl 12"

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Fio Fa hops back behind the wheel for Two Of Me, his second turn off Sunset Drifters boulevard.

Fio Fa hops back behind the wheel for Two Of Me, his second turn off Sunset Drifters boulevard. 4 timeless rollers shimmering with hi-NRG magic and prog-y glitz, hybridising vintage house sounds with his signature moods and grooves.

Drumcondra’s notorious nocturnal cruiser swerves back into view for the sequel to his inaugural Sunset Drifters’ test drive. This time round, Fio extends his sphere of dance influences to effortlessly absorb just about any era of electronic music into his confident rave-y stride.

First stop, SLYCLOPS IS BACK; a fairground ride through 80’s synth-pop glamour. Bass stabs, stadium drum fills and seductive rhythms all shepherded by Fio’s impeccable tech pump and drive. THE DUSTIEST OF THE DUST then speeds into view, an after hours rush of darkened prog menace braised in a kinetic wonderland of rave melodics. LOS MELLIZOS switches lanes, patiently stratifying a tense euphoria around its latin house core. A glorious headbangin’ switch-up then ensues, before thrusting us right back into the dastardly groove again. THE RAT BOSS greets us at our final destination, a brazen stepper meshing dub techno synthetics with a naughty flute line that bounces along its fiendish bass squelch with the wryest of grins.

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Slyclops Is Back


The Dustiest Of The Dust


Los Mellizos


The Rat Boss

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