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Chemise Open
Chemise OpenChemise Open




1x Vinyl 12"



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This is the first Vinyl only release of a new clothing brand from south of France called ‘Farci’

This is the first Vinyl only release of a new clothing brand from south of France called ‘Farci’. With solid tracks from talented producers and friends : Man/ipulate, Atree, Odeon, Yamen & EDA and Andres Remis. Want to go shopping ? Go to

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Man/ipulate - Listen To My Voice


Atree - Keep It Going


Odeon - Jami Racaille


Yamen & EDA - H-Zup


Andres Remis – Supernatural

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The Inter-Atlantic duo of George Btp Dan Piu & Roger K. Versey return to your shores to traverse more mystery, adventure, and musical journey with an all new double 12" album and CD; Passport - Wonderful Elixir. Named for its nutritious flavor and mixture, Wonderful Elixir is crafted for the deep frequency connoisseurs, explorers not constrained to genres, not afraid to vibe with the tides of life, but rather seek the deeper feeling that is true and Indigo Blue. The main ingredients are 10 visions that await inside the fine grooves of two 180 gram disks crafted to capture the moments in the best way; a seamless connection of Air, Land and Seaways that harbor elements of Jazz, Acid, Deep House and Street Beat. From the organic forests to the concrete jungles, From Zurich to St.Louis, your Wonderful Elixir is here. Featuring very special appearances from DJ Nata, Jesus Gonsev, and Grant. Presented on 2×12" vinyl by the legendary No Acting Vibes label, and on CD and Digital by Deep Inspiration Show. Includes original acrylic paintings by Zara Versey.
Expanding on the blueprint of previous releases, Trieste-born, London-based producer Sohrab is the Kalahari clan’s latest inductee. OYSTER43 is a distillation of the Italian producer’s stylistic scope in its purest form; impeccably crafted dance music with a healthy dose of prog.Running deep with this one. Smartly refined constructions primed for meditative club use, the first four tracks are rendered in pristine detail. From the widescreen and tunnelling to straight-up utopian, there’s a life-affirming vitality like only the most quintessential '90s prog-house can achieve.The record begins to veer into realms of dilated abstraction on the second plate. Where ‘Fleeting Thoughts’ unfurls like a slice of hi-tech IDM undergoing an ayahuasca ceremony, ‘Sunseeker’ and ‘Deconstruct’ keep the ritual going at a lysergic, slo-mo chug. ‘Crystal Clear’, on the other hand, evokes the ‘70s with a bucolic, avant-garde synth lullaby.
Francesca returns to Pleasure Club with yet more excursions into the ethereal with the Homology EP, touching on dub techno, ambient soundscapes and electro futurism. As the name suggests this record explores the concept of similarity of a structure, or function of parts of different origins, based on their descent from a common evolutionary ancestor. Following on from her ‘The Inside Out’ LP of 2020, this time Francesca explores the outer realms of electronica whilst always coming back to the core essence of her vision. This EP also serves as an announcement of her forthcoming album and label, Goodnight Cowboy. A collaborative project between herself and Remi Mazet which will look to explore slower tempos and unchartered textural planes.
As we continue the five part journey to say goodbye to the Telomere Plastic series, we as always, are excited to share with you Telomere 020.2. This second VA, features producers, Anderson, Aspetuck, Bænglund and Watch Patrol.We begin off the record with ‘Funk Inspector’ from Bænglund. The track name here sums it up pretty well. Full on quirky funk in the airwaves. A delicious cut to keep everyone on there toes!Next on the A2 we have Aspetuck with his ‘As the Fog Rolls In’, Starting off with a bubbly soundscape the track progresses into a hypnotic acidic journey keeping the mood deep and melancholic. Handle this one with care!On the B1 we have Anderson who delivers another deep and beautifully crafted soundscape. This is a timeless tune that takes you on a sonic journey from start to finish. This will work wonders on the dance floor and during your introspective moments laying in bed with your headphones bumping.Lastly, we close out the release with the one and only Watch Patrol who we have all dearly missed. We hope you enjoy this slowed down IDM breakbeat gem!