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Tomorrow People

Sex Tapes From Mars (SEXTAPE005)

1x Vinyl 12"

SEXTAPE005 lands in the form of four ethereal modular jams courtesy of Bristol-based Boulderhead. “Tomorrow People” is a record which tickles the dancefloor’s most tender spots, the tracks are trippy, dreamy and warm yet all the while driving, complex and intense.

The record kicks off with Okii - a sassy bassline driven groover with a playful vocal destined to put a smile on any listeners face. The intensity is turned up a notch with A2 - Tomorrow People, a slinky fist pumper with squelchy stabs and dissonant vocals designed to get the crowd going.

On the flip Informatic serves a tight yet smooth ride into bliss via shuffly percussion and long and enveloping pads resulting in a track with perfect utility for the warm up or the crack on. The EP ends with Nutrient Streams, a sticky minimal roller that cruises effortlessly with the same psychedelic swagger heard throughout the whole EP.

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Tomorrow People




Nutrient Streams