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Slung EP


No Dice




1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

May 25, 2022

Stick the needle on the record cos V.B Kühl has Something For Ya!

Stick the needle on the record cos V.B Kühl has Something For Ya!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Horns Cru


Single Cell Pro


Cover Up



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FREIZEIT002 by Phil Evans
Scandi-lous! We’ve got another other-worldly record for you, courtesy of who? Jeku! The man from Helsinki has given us a much-coveted gift, a gift that traverses incredulity yet still thankfully remains harnessed to the human realm. The story that started below the ozone layer has moved to the stratosphere. Transcendence is coming, and boy has he been busy.
We are very excited to have joined the OTG family and to deliver the first of two beautiful new EPs by HVL from Georgia. An incredibly talented producer with the ability to create many different styles he has produced a deep and cosmic body of work for us during lockdown 2020. After a long 2 years we are picking up where we left off …Timeless cuts to suit all intimate dance floors.
Following their contributions to Unruh 01 and 02, Tachyon return with four tracks of their own for the Fried EP. After the funky breaks of ‘Fried’, things take a sharp left turn with ‘PCM Dub’ before we shoot into outer space with ‘Traffic’. The tweaked and blissed-out beats of ‘Late Chatter’ finish off the EP in style.