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Erika Sherman
Anevite Void Remixed

Anevite Void Remixed
Anevite Void RemixedAnevite Void Remixed




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Dec 4, 2023



Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Wandering Mountain (Mike Parker Remix)


Wandering Mountain (Wata Igarashi Ascension Remix)


Anion (Eris Drew's Body Rock Remix)


Tomorrow's Fires (Whodat Remix)

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On his new release on Deep Shopping, Mister Bellini will take you on a trip with 6 fresh tracks packed with - funky homegrown bleeps - 100% organic vocal chops - crispy claps - fat basslines - 100% fresh beets* Whether you cut them, scratch them or just fade them in and out, this DJ-friendly record will help you drive the crowd crazy and take it to the next level! - Highly compatible with other tracks - 45rpm-ready - increased banger per record ratio Say yes and get this in your bag - don't sleep. *includes 1 fat electro beet and 1 gritty dubbed out beet
As we continue the five part journey to say goodbye to the Telomere Plastic series we have Telomere 020.3 now available for preorder! This five tracker VA, features producers, Hiroyuki Kato, Six Dreams, Ty Senrna Sherman C & Konerytmi! We begin off the record with ‘Black from Hiroyuki Kato. This long play is over 9 minutes and is a beautifully structured deep & house tune. Perfect for your summer day time sets! Next on the A2 we have ‘Static Es’ by Six Dreams, This moody minimal breakbeat tune is filled with heavy bass & lush chords, the perfect track to slow things down for a few minutes during your sets! On the B1 we have Ty Serna who delivers a whacky groover! This acidic tech tune will work wonders and bring the spooky & trippy energy to the dance floor! B2 is a tripped out phat acidic break beat tune from the mighty Sherman C. With some tripped out vocals & classic Sherman breaks & bass, this one will get the dance floor rockin’ full speed! Lastly, we close out the release with a classic tune from Konerytmi. As expected we are gifted with his signature electro & bass beats!
Presence Unknown is a vinyl and digital label curated by longtime producer and DJ, Neil Keating aka Controlled Weirdness. Neil has been behind the decks and deeply involved in all aspects of club and underground sound system culture since the early Eighties. He has released his music on numerous underground labels and performed all over the world, from plush clubs to dirty warehouses. Worth a read are a couple of published articles by Neil regarding his experiences on the dance floor of underground clubs in London and New York in the Eighties. See links at the bottom of this page for these as well as a detailed biography and discography. There is also a link to a recent 40-minute interview with Distant Planet TV that explores his cultured rave history.The third release on Presence Unknown contains four slamming tunes, crafted with precision by Controlled Weirdness using a variety of analogue and digital machines in his South London studio. The A-side features some deep and bass heavy electro acid for the dance floor. "Ghosts of the Heygate" and "Running on Empty" feature rolling 808 boom with 303 groove. The flip side starts off with "Are you angry or are you boring?" a future-retro rave anthem with lately bass and killer mentasm stabs and has been destroying dance floors on dub during Controlled Weirdness’ DJ sets the past six months. The EP closes with, "Strange Desires", a slow, sleazy, slinky and salacious groove. Music from the margins. Presence Unknown.
Alessandro Canova joins the label One Instrument with a release entirely created with the Roland MC-303, the first of a series of musical instruments known as a groovebox. 

 "Counting the Eyes" aims to create a meditative dimension: a contemplation of the physical nature of sound, space and rhythm.During his early experimentations Canova worked with silence, sine waves and white noise as his only sound sources, developing a keen interest in a zen-like aesthetic. Influenced by his study on philosophy and eastern religions he aims to create a meditative dimension, a contemplation of the physical nature of sound, space and rhythm. 
 He currently resides and works in London.Composed and produced by Alessandro Canova
Mastered by Aimée Portioli, Berlin
Original artwork and layout by Marco Ciceri